The Artists of

Shadetree Stitchery


Cassandra Severns Owner of: CB-Crochet LLC


Cassandra graduated from Colorado State University in 2010 with a degree Applied Human Sciences with an emphases on Apparel and Merchandising and a minor in Business, emphasis is Entrepreneurship. On December 20th 2012 she started CB-Crochet LLC and became a small business owner. She recently has partnered with Shadetree Stitchery, where she manages and creates her one of a kinda pieces. She specializes in hand crochet and machine knit accessories, toys, clothing, and handcrafted bridal bouquets.



Betty Hernandez: 


She creates hand knit children's hats,  hand knit adult accessories, hand knit coffee cozies,  a long with sew, woven, and dyed scarves.


Deanna Curry-Elrod:Owner of Sapphire Skies

Deanna Bio For the Website  copy 

My crew of 6 alpacas are more than my business partners. Not only do they provide the rich fiber that I use in my works, they also lend inspiration. These vibrant, spirited animals embody a graceful elegance which I aspire to reflect in my felt work. Starting with my alpacas' fiber, which we shear from them in early summer, I use the wet felting technique, creating unique wearable art, including hats, scarves, purses, jewelry and sculptures. The superior feel and quality of alpaca fleece is what makes these light and richly textured pieces so distinctive.


Carol Woodman: Wrap Snaps


Works with Polymer Clay to create one of a kind uniquely beautiful alternative to hole piecing pins. These pieces make great accessories to your scarves and alternatives to broaches for your clothes!



Susan Brooks: Textile Art


I have volunteered in a women's prison for seven years and discovered a treasure of beautiful women who have the same hopes, dreams and desires as every woman. Dreams of beauty, successful marriages and joyful children free from fear. I have been drawn to the strength I see in these women to survive and thrive under difficult life circumstances. The body of my work deals with the issues every woman wrestles with the longing to be seen, heard and loved for who we are as women. I created a series of quilts, Women in Prison: From Shame to Freedom to chronicle the journey of a woman I call Daisy in her flight to freedom. I have also done work based on my daughter, Chara DeWolfs, book of poetry, Rush Of Water. Again, the story involves a womans quest to be loved, only to discover that she must look within to see her beauty and not another to fulfill her dreams. I use dark colors with little contrast to express a sense of dread, but include imagery to give hope of new found life. The message I wish my art to express is one of reaching for our highest dreams. To overcome and become the best that we were created as women to be. Fabric provides the opportunity to build layers giving a sense of protection, safety and security. I create my own fabrics through dyeing, resists and painting and then am able to add dimension and detail through the use of stitches. It is a joy to my heart to take a piece of white plain fabric, use dyes, paints and stitches to create a visual piece and tell a story. Differing techniques are used to express differing emotions. I use deconstructed silk printing for a very organic look and soy wax resists to create a sense of dimension. The use of painting thicken dyes on plastic has been used for my women monoprints. The morphing of the dyes give a feel of surrealism. And the love of the connecting threads to hold the pieces together. The tactile and visual beauty of fabric has been a motivation to creativity. As a child, I was fascinated by the possibility of transforming a flat piece of cloth into a uniquely crafted article of clothing. After a journey of making dolls, garments and quilts, I am now driven to experiment with new techniques in dyeing, painting and embellishing fabric. I enjoy sharing my passion with others by teaching these techniques and broadening my own exploration in fabric art. My aspiration is to tell a story, engage the viewer in a dialogue and challenge them to a deeper emotional experience.


Helen Gibb: Ribbionwork


Helen was born in Sydney, Australia, and now lives in the United States of America. "Growing up in Australia during the 1950's and 1960's, I wasn't particularly interested in sewing or embroidery", says Helen. "The only sewing project I finished in primary school was a shower cap and an apron!" Helen's ribbonwork journey started in the late 1990's with the purchase of an Edwardian driving hat, and later, a black mourning bonnet complete with black ribbon embellishments. An antique book on old millinery techniques was also purchased and in the back of that book were some simplified instructions on how to make a ribbon rose.   Since then, Helen has acquired many old books about ribbonwork and some lovely samples of vintage ribbon flowers and items from the 1920's, many of which are shown in her books. Helen's ribbonwork has been showcased in numerous magazines, including Better Homes and Gardens, Doll Costuming and Bernina's Through The Needle in the USA, and Embroidery and Cross Stitch magazine in Australia. In addition, Helen is a regular guest on HGTV's—The Carol Duvall Show, and she appears on PBS's Creative Living, and on network TV news programs in Denver.


Heidi: Bella's Blessed Beads


Heidi creates wonderful jewelry out of old earring, pictures, and fringe! She calls her earring Barbie chandeliers!!


YS Mat Bags:



Young Ju and Stephanie met in kindergarten and have been best friends ever since. Sharing a love of yoga and sewing, they decided to develop their own mat bags to fit their needs. YS Mat Bags come with plenty of pockets for stuffing and extra room for mat doubling. YS wants each bag to reflect their owner, so they come in a variety of styles and fabrics. Happy yoga!